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Monday, February 28, 2005

Small Miracles

Summary: "Small miracles," are an overlooked part of our busy lives. A thought provoking article to remind us how "small miracles" Have shaped the course of history and continue to enrich our lives.

Life is full of "small miracles." As we go through life we are surprised and often humbled by these little sparks of light in our lives. They are small events, which often have a large impact on our lives. I am sure you can think of many "small miracles" that have enriched your life and made you think about what your existence is all about. They can and are often overlooked as we spin through the turmoil of living, but if we stop and recognize the miracles that have happened to us our appreciation of life becomes greater.

Nature itself is full of "small miracles," one of the greatest ones being the little acorn evolving into a huge majestic oak tree. The Oak tree itself was used in olden times as a staple wood in Europe to build many things including the magnificent old sailing ships. Oak is a hard enduring wood, which was used to build the massive beams of old cathedrals, which have stood the test of time for centuries. The oak tree itself can live for several hundred years. This is but one example of a "small miracle' having a large impact on our lives, without this important wood things might have been very different, and it all evolved from the tiny acorn.

Another "small miracle," is the life and work of Christ. Christianity has made a huge impact on civilization. Starting from a small and humble beginning in the little fishing town of Galilee, Jesus Christ's teachings grew to a mighty movement shaping the course of civilization. Over the centuries Christianity has spread its message to the far corners of the earth. This can be compared to the small acorn growing to the mighty oak tree, with its great spreading branches. It is a small miracle with a huge impact.

Recently I came across another unique "small miracle," "The Life of Christ Cross." Certified by Guinness World Records. It was located at The Bible Source. It is a complete inscription of the New Testament onto a small tablet within a gold cross pendant. This is indeed an amazing feat of modern technology, a wonder that is truly inspired, by God. Within this small space are written the words that have inspired millions, in many nations, for over two thousand years.

Holding "The Life of Christ Cross" in your hand is indeed a moving experience. You are holding the complete life, work and teachings of Christ in the palm of your hand and cannot help feeling a sense of awe and humility. Over a million words make up the books of the New Testament and it is all here within this tablet on this small pendant, fitting into the palm of a persons' hand.

Not only is this pendant awe inspiring by the very nature of its content, but also the design is remarkable. The words are engraved in gold on crystal, making it aesthetically appealing. It subtly ties in the themes of the New Testament and Christianity. The Star of David signifying Jesus' birth and the cross, the symbol of his love and sacrifice to all humanity.
This pendant is truly a collector's item and is destined to enthrall generations for years to come.

Just as a small acorn, holds the elements to grow into a large and beautiful tree so does this small pendant have the power to inspire many, with the potent words of the New Testament. In small things are the seeds of greatness. Small seeds can blossom into great things and our lives will continue to be enriched by the "small miracles" around us. Look around you and see how these gems have inspired your life. Never let yourself become so engrossed in worldly affairs that you are unable to appreciate the "small miracles" of our lives and the world around us.


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