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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Introducing The Smallest Bible In The World

Certified by Guinness World Records.

Imagine the entire New Testament of the Bible nestled in the center of an elegant gold cross that you wear around your neck. A unique way for you to always carry the Word of God close to your heart.

The "Life of Christ" Cross features the very special Enduring Word Tablet. On this small tablet, there is inscribed the entire text of New Testament (all 180,345 words, over 1,000,000 letters) in 24K gold. The Enduring Word Tabletâ„¢ is so remarkable that it has been certified by Guinness World Records's to be the smallest reproduction of a book in the world. The inscription on the crystal tablet is so exquisitely fine that ten lines of text can comfortably fit within the thickness of a single strand of human hair. Under a microscope, one can see the beautiful layout of the tablet and the many gold lines of text. The design of the tablet and cross are elegant and spiritually rich. The Alpha and Omega derive from Revelation 22:13. In addition to reminding us that Christ is "the beginning and the end, the first and the last", these letters also denote the completeness of the text from beginning to end. The design of the cross is inspired by the theme of the gospels -- the chronicle of Christ's time on earth as a man.

The New Testament tablet is nestled within a Star of Bethlehem signifying Jesus' birth, and the cross signifies the salvation brought by Jesus dying on the cross.

This unique product is available in 14K gold or gold plated and is now available at The Bible Source.

Click on the link below to see the Smallest Bible in The World, close up.

See the Smallest Bible in the World


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